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 Zul Aman

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Nombre de messages : 248
Age : 39
Localisation : nanterre
Date d'inscription : 28/12/2006

MessageSujet: Zul Aman   Lun 12 Nov - 2:46




Animal Bosses

lorakk is the Amani lord of bears. He is one of the four animal bosses in the Zul'Aman instance. This instance is not yet in-game.


  • Tauntable
  • Brutal Swipe: Do damage divided up evenly among all affected
    targets. Seems to cap at 2 players. So have the tanks stack for this.
  • No Crushing Blows

Troll Form

  • Mangle: All bleed effects cause 100% additional damage.
  • Surge: Charge-like ability (hits plate ~1500, hits cloth ~3-4k)

Bear Form

  • Lacerating Slash: Bleeding for 1735 damage every 2 sec. (18 sec duration)
  • Rend Flesh: Bleeding for 2335 damage every 1 sec. (5 sec duration)
  • Deafening Roar: Deals 1235 to 1365 physical damage and silences enemies for 2 sec.


The first three (?) times you see Nalorakk, you will not actually
fight him. Rather, he lets his minions fight you and he himself runs
back to the next platform. The first time you fight a couple of trolls.

The second time you fight two trolls mounted on bears; when they get to
low health they dismount (and regain health?) and the bear starts
fighting independently. The third and final time there are two
unmounted trolls (in our case a medicine man and an axe thrower) and
two mounted trolls, who again dismount at low health. Unmounted trolls
can be sheeped or ice trapped. After the last group of trolls you fight
Nalorakk alone.

Nalorakk starts in Troll Form and alternates between it and
Bear Form. Have one tank chosen for each form. The tank for Troll Form
will eat the mangles. During this form, healers should not have to cast
as often and should be able to gain back a little mana and/or conserve
it. However, they must stay on their toes because of the large spike
damage from his cleave effect. Be very certain you have the off tank
stand in front of Nalorakk to take cleave damage, as it is spread among
every target it hits. The tank for Bear Form should not get mangled,
but instead will get both bleeds - Lacerating and Rend. During this
form, healers keep the tank topped off as much as possible. The tank
must also be ready to drink potions or eat healthstones or shield wall
if a silence hits the raid when he has both bleed effects on him. When
Nalorakk switches form, the appropriate tank for it should immediately
taunt to grab the aggro back.
The rest of the raid should stay spread out. This will lessen
the amount of damage the raid takes when Nalorakk charges and cleaves
anyone near the person he charged. Staying spread out will not stop his
AoE silence when in Bear Form from hitting the entire raid.
Healers need to be prepared for a long fight and ensure that
their mana will last the duration. This may include mana regen gear,
mana tide totem, shadowpriests, mana pots, etc.
Warrior tanks want plenty of hit rating to ensure their taunt
lands more often, or be ready to stance dance and use a secondary
taunt. A failed tank switch leads mostly to a wipe. A paladin tank has
an advantage here as long as he can maintain #2 on the threat list, as
he can simply use blessing of protection on the tank taking the debuffs
to guarantee Nalorakk targets him for long enough to surpass the first
tank in threat. The tank that grabs Nalorakk in Bear form is the most
critical. He needs to grab aggro before the bleed effects hit the other
tank that has the debuff on. If the tank for Troll form cannot grab
aggro at first, it may be survivable as the bleed effects may run most
the way down before Mangle is applied. If one tank dies it is generally
best to just run down the stairs and reset the fight. One tank cannot
stand up to him without burning the healers mana too fast to finish.


"The first boss, a bear-Troll hybrid named Nalorakk, is visible
right from the entranceway. As soon as you approach him he'll start
sending out waves of troops to keep you busy. Once you eventually
engage him, you'll have to fend off a troop of bear-riding Trolls and
deal with the bear form he shapeshifts into. According to Blizzard,
Nalorakk will on rare occasions drop a bear mount for your own use."
"For example, when you meet Narolakk, the bear/troll boss, a
chase sequence will initiate, and he'll begin launching troll trash
mobs at you as you continue to pursue him towards the area where you'll
eventually do battle..." Quote [[1]]
Druid bear tanks have an advantage on this fight, due to the
type of damage nalorakk deals. in troll form, his regular attacks hit
very weakly, with a very strong spike damage move that will be the only
thing to kill you. It's also worth noting that Nalorakk is the only NPC as of now
that is left handed: he wields his cleaver in his left hand and buckler
in his right.

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Nombre de messages : 248
Age : 39
Localisation : nanterre
Date d'inscription : 28/12/2006

MessageSujet: Re: Zul Aman   Lun 12 Nov - 2:50



  • Summon Amani Eagle - an ability to call forth Soaring Eagles which have Eagle Swoop
  • Static Disruption (Nature) - deals 3500 damage to target and
    those within a close range of the target. Also leaves a debuff that
    causes nature damage taken to be increased by 25% that lasts 20 seconds
  • Call Lightning (Nature) - deals 3500 - 4500? damage
  • Gust of Wind - throws target up in the air. Upon target falling, deals half target's full health in damage.
  • Electrical Storm - channeled spell that raises a target into
    the air and places a cloud over them. The cloud then strikes everyone
    not under it approximately each second. Each strike hits harder - first
    strike for 800 - 1200 nature damage, second for 1600 - 2400, third for
    2400 - 3600, fourth for 3200 - 4800, etc. Lasts approximately 7-8
    seconds. (Occurs every 45-60 seconds)


This fight is about spreading out as needed and then collapsing back
in upon one person, rinse and repeat. Akil'Zon will hit the main tank
for an average of 2500. He will also cast Call Lightning on the main
tank. At the start of the fight, the raid should be spread out a little
in order to avoid Static Disruption hitting too many people at once.
The raid should be positioned where it is easy to collapse back in on
one person however. It is recommended to have the raid on one side of
the boss with healers closer to the tanks. Players should be kept
topped off on health to compensate for Gust of Wind and Static

Periodically Akil'Zon will create an Electrical Storm every
45 to 60 seconds. This is foreshadowed by rain that will suddenly start
up in the instance, which can help give your raid an indication that it
is time to collapse onto one spot. In your chat log it will state "An
electrical storm appears!". Another visual sign is that Akil'Zon will
seem to have an electrical charge about him, then will shoot a vibrant
purple warlock life drain looking graphic towards one person. That
person will be lifted in the air and stunned as the center of the
cloud. Another indication of the location will be a dark spot on the
ground. Everyone in the raid, including the main tank, must get into or
close to that dark spot on the ground. Failure to accomplish this quick
enough will result in a dead raid group. This is a channeled spell, so
if you can position your raid and therefore the cloud center close
enough for melee to continue hitting Akil'Zon, great. If not, then you
still won't have to worry about Akil'Zon running rampant while you
scramble to get under the cloud.

Additional Note: Pay attention to Akil'Zon's health.
Depending on your dps, the Electrical Storm will possibly come about
10% into Akil'Zon's health. If this is the case for your raid, then you
can better gauge about when the next storm will hit. For other raids
with high dps, the storm may hit on average around every 15% health.

Once the Electrical Storm is over, the raid should again
spread out a little bit to about where they started the fight. Akil'Zon
will call for his "bruddahs" which will bring some Soaring Eagles into
the fight. These eagles have Eagle Swoop which hits for 1500. Locks can
seed, hunters can shoot down, mages can fireball, and shaman can chain
lightning. Recommended strategy is to have the shaman chain lightning
and finish them off with a warlock seed. The birds do not despawn and
must be controlled or they will eventually lead to wiping your raid buy
overrunning it.

Rinse and repeat the spreading out and collapsing through the Electrical Storm while managing the birds and you win.
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Nombre de messages : 248
Age : 39
Localisation : nanterre
Date d'inscription : 28/12/2006

MessageSujet: Re: Zul Aman   Lun 12 Nov - 2:58


?? Boss


Flame Breath: Jan'Alai casts a random flame breath that hits for about 4k on plate and 5.5k on cloth.
Also does a grenade type attack which randomly spawns grenades
on the ground. They have a 5 yard radius. So unless you're standing
directly on top of them the damage taken should be minimal.
The Amani Dragonhawk Hatchlings melee attack and have a Flame
Buffet that can be despelled but ticks for about 1k on cloth. The
hatchlings can be trapped/frozen and AoE'd by casters.


Stand on top of a pillar type room and there are two smaller
platforms on each of his side. Every minute or so he will call two
hatchers who will go on the platforms and hatch the eggs. He also
teleports the whole group to his feet every so often (30 seconds I
think) and will throw balls of fire on the ground after 10 seconds (I
think) - these will explode and basically one-shot anybody that is
standing on top of any. Once you've pushed him through the 25% mark he
will enrage and deal 50% more damage and attack 50% quicker. When he's
down to 35% he will hatch all remaining eggs. He also has a fire breath
that targets anybody in the raid and that hits everybody close to that
It appears the hatchers will hatch the eggs in a multiplier.
The first time he hatches one, then the next time two, then four, etc.
Its a good idea to let him hatch approximately three times before you
kill him as the teleport seems to happen almost at that time and the
dragonhawks need to be killed before the fire balls.


Just DPS him, and when he calls the hatcher, kill one and let the
other one run off to the platform, basically let some of the eggs hatch
(and they spawn hatchlings with about 6k health) and then kill the
hatcher before the boss teleports you. Rinse and repeat 'till he's
The boss has a "leash" and can be reset if anyone in the party
runs to the bottom of the stairs. Once he resets, you can run around
the platform and recover any dead party members if necessary before he
respawns in the original position. (Sometimes the respawn takes a
little longer than others.)
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Nombre de messages : 248
Age : 39
Localisation : nanterre
Date d'inscription : 28/12/2006

MessageSujet: Re: Zul Aman   Lun 12 Nov - 3:00


?? Boss


  • No Crushing Blows.

The fight consists of 3 phases that alternate between each other roughly every 25% and slightly changing again at 25%.

Phase 1

Mostly a tank and spank phase with the tanks just needing to
make sure they are on top of each other to split Saberlash.
Periodically Halazzi will get a buff that will increase his attack

  • Saberlash (12k damage split between 2 targets) - The Saber Lash
    is exactly like Mother Shahraz's but requires only 2 tanks to be on top
    of each other.
Phase 2

Phase 2 starts when the merged form of Halazzi is brought down
to roughly 75%, 50% and 25%. Every time during the transition he will
do a 4k AE to everyone and will stop Saberlashing. This phase ends once
the troll form is brought down to roughly 20% and he re-merges with the
HP he had before splitting.
During phase 2 Halazzi splits into his normal troll form along
with the Spirit of Halazzi, a Lynx. The troll must be off-tanked, while
the raid focuses on totems and the Spirit of Halazzi. When the Lynx
dies, the phase is over.

  • Corrupted Lightning Totem (5000 then chains to nearby targets)
    - A normal totem with a bit of health that must be killed as fast as

  • Flame Shock (5000 Base with a 4k tick) - A powerful Flame Shock that must be dispelled on whoever it is cast on.

Phase 3

Phase 3 starts at 25% when Halazzi is back in his merged form.
This phase is no different than phase 1 other than the fact he now
drops totems all the time and starts enraging and doing more damage.
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Nombre de messages : 248
Age : 39
Localisation : nanterre
Date d'inscription : 28/12/2006

MessageSujet: Re: Zul Aman   Lun 12 Nov - 3:05

Hex Lord Malacrass

?? Boss


He starts with 4 random adds. Possible known adds:
An Ogre - Melee add, Sheep him.
Gazakroth - An imp that spams fireballs, banish or kill it quickly.
Lord Raadan - A dragonkin that has flamebreath & Thunderclap, sleep/kill him quickly. Killing him is highly recommended.
Darkheart - An Undead Wraith melee and instant casts, shackle him.
Alyson Antille - A Blood Elf healer. Interrupt her heals/kill her quickly.
A Serpent - Poison bolts. Sleep it/kill it quickly, as for Raadan. If you kill it druids won't have to shapeshift.
People seem to kill 1 or 2 of the adds before focusing on the boss.
Does a nasty dot that lasts for approx 15 sec and deals roughly 300-400dmg per tick.
During the fight randomly he will Soul Drain 1 random person, he
will take on 2-3 abilites of that persons class. He will continue to
use these new abilities till he Soul Drains another victim and repeats
a new cycle of attacks.
Every minute or so he will drain everyone of their power by 1%
and giving it to himself, thus increasing his size and his damage by
Tank and spank and deal with the new abilities he may gain.
Possible Soul Drains (Seen and or Heard, not sure if its spec Dependant or not):
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Nombre de messages : 248
Age : 39
Localisation : nanterre
Date d'inscription : 28/12/2006

MessageSujet: Re: Zul Aman   Lun 12 Nov - 3:07

Zul'jin (tactics)

?? Boss


  • Aided by the four animal spirits [[1]]
  • Powerful and random AoE attacks [[2]]


Every phase change he does do a threat wipe, when he turns into an
Eagle you do not need to worry about a threat list though as explained
below. He changes phases every 20%.

  • Phase 1:
Watch out for his whirlwind (melee range). He also casts a debuff
similar to the one in Slave Pens that does a dd and then ticks until
the player is topped off. Seems like it was only around 2500-3000
damage, so if you are good at assist healing you can downrank
accordingly to top them off just enough so they do not take any ticks.

  • Phase 2:
As soon as he starts this phase you will notice everyone gets a
Paralysis debuff. Dispell it off the main tank and yourself, then other
healers if time (or the tank doesn't need a heal). DPS etc do not need
it dispelled. After 5 seconds of having the debuff, you will become
stunned and take a little damage, assign someone to top people off
before the next. He can hit decently hard, so keep the tank topped.

  • Phase 3:
Stay away from the tornados that spawn and move around the room.
They knock you back and deal around 1k damage. If you are a caster (yes
healers included) everytime you cast you will get hit for about 1250
damage. The key thing to do in this phase is not get cornered by
tornados and stay alive. Heal over time spells really make this phase
much easier. Melee need to try and burn him down as quick as they can
as they get no punishment for doing damage.

  • Phase 4:
Lynx form he melees fairly weak all around. He also will fixate upon
a random player in the raid and melee them. Intervene near the end of
the 10 second or so phase to help out squishy people. Also does a weak
version of the whirlwind Leotheras / end boss of Shattered Halls. I
think it also places a debuff on people that will make them take more
damage, it's either this or the fixate. Watch debuffs and note that
that person will need extra heals.

  • Phase 5:
As stated above, you will get a buffet like debuff put on you every
so often. He will choose random people throughout the raid and place a
beam of fire on them. If they are not topped they will probably die due
to the debuff. It's a simple phase if people are good at staying out of
void zones.
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MessageSujet: Re: Zul Aman   Mer 14 Nov - 23:02

Deja down le premier boss en P.U...

Technique simple, deux tankers...

Pendant la forme Trollesque, le premier tank, fait son taff, Full dps bien sur, de temps en temps, le boss charge dans le raid ( si une personne touché = 6000 dgt, si deux personne touché = 3000/p), rien de grave, pendant cette phase, ce bon vieu troll inflige un Debuff qui augmente les degats de saignement de 100% (aie mes dents)...

Quand il ce transforme en ours, le MT2 prend l'aggro, et tank, soutenue par le mt1, de cette facon, on evite le debuff que le Troll pose, toutes les 10 secondes si je me souviens bien, le boss inflige un saignement de 1700/3sec... imaginez avec le debuff... Puis toutes les 45 secondes, une Aoe Silence sur les gens a porter, le silence dure 3 secondes, donc Full HoT sur MT2...

Pour le positionement tres symple, au centre de la platforme les MT, asser au loin autour, les DPS casters, surtout, mettez vous les un asser proche des autres pour eviter, la charge sur une personne...

Avec une bonne concentration et un mt2 relativement concentré, ca ne pose aucun probleme...

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Date d'inscription : 30/01/2006

MessageSujet: Re: Zul Aman   Sam 19 Jan - 14:57

Après avoir fouillé sur des fofo, ils conseillent fortement un maximum de résistance à la nature pour tout le monde pour akill' zon. De plus un paladin avec aura de concentration ainsi qu'un shamy spé heal peut être un +.



Chef des Chasseurs et Chasseuse, chachant chachée sans son chien!! LVL 70 41 / 20/ 0
Alchimiste / Herboriste.
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King of the flood

Nombre de messages : 5252
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Date d'inscription : 29/01/2006

MessageSujet: Re: Zul Aman   Jeu 31 Jan - 11:03

Mercredi 30-01-08 : Trys Akil-zon

Jujuneufcinq (puis Tutuyutu)

Grosse difficulté à retrouver le bon rythme et la tech pour l'event avant le boss. (4 ou 5 trys)

4 trys sur boss (70-50-50-15%)

Il est down quand on y retourne (si c'est pas dans 2 mois)

Remarques :
- Repop trashs montée : 30min (faut pas trainer avant de lancer le boss)
- Un peu de RN semble quand même un plus.
- Respect de l'orage = succès du raid
- Un 2ème cac (hier Fanthomas) ne semble pas rédibitoire
- Organisation en Carré autour du boss validée
- 3 DPS (hier 1 chasseur, 1 démo, 1 mage (démo) ) sur les oiseaux
- Hier à 5m de l'enragé (soit 50% du temps alloué pour le down) il ne lui restait plus que 35% de sa vie. (ce sont quelques petites erreurs cumulées de fatigue qui ont fait qu'il est encore debout à nous narguer "vous êtes nuls" Wink )

Bref soirée frustrante au début mais rassurante sur la fin. Il n'y a plus qu'à le cueillir.


Marlborette -Chef de guilde-Chef de classe Mage-Responsable enchantements-Responsable couture-
Mage 70 Arcane-Feu (45/13/03) Couture (Feu Sorcier), Enchantement, 1er soins, Pêche 375
Reroll : Baracudette, Paladin Vindicte 70 Mine-Herbo : 375
Le Lilian Thuram de la guilde
Vasquez : On les flingue !
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MessageSujet: Re: Zul Aman   

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Zul Aman
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